[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 58

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/??? Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician

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Johann, Wilhelm and Varvenshyael spent the day either in the backroom of the Barber-Surgeon's shingle or at Katherina's Rest.

After starting several pots of potions, poisons, or poultices, the three raced across the frozen ground of Padua to the empty and warm Katherina's Rest.

There Cosetta welcomed them with ale and food. She spoke of rumors of "Schloss Al'Shar" heard from the refugees. Johann almost began a discussion on the stones. Cosetta noted the shadow, the auspices of Morrslieb, and the absence of V's "fiend" (or "shadow").

Returning to Johann's, they found that the pots had yielded better than hoped for. V took four doses of Spider Spittle (Johann keeping one) and the three of the…

[WFRP 2e] Renegade Princeps 57

Vaervenshyael - Female Elf Assassin (suffering from a Host of Fiends disability)

My companions
Tankred "Silver Bear" Tenneckermann - Human Artisan/Mercenary/Champion Wilhelm Hechland - Human Pistoleer/Engineer/??? Doctor Johann Wilhelm Woeller - Human Physician
Maximillian - NPC Halfling Master of the Horse of Padua
Udrin - NPC Elf Wizard Lord
Tegort - NPC Ogre
Gertrude - NPC Knight Envoy from Matildeburg to the north

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Vaervenshyael headed straight to Johann. He wasn't in the manor, so she went to his house and rapped at his door until he answered.

She smiled as she hugged the "good" doctor. She was still glowing from the touch of Hysh. "You have done a good thing this night. A very good thing. However," and here her smile faltered for just a bit, "should I ever find a bit of your possession again, I shall have to kill you." She debated internally about the need to cut him at this point and decided against…

[D&D B/X] Kalmatta Campaign 2

My Character
Kiri - Human Female Cleric, Child, Immaculate Clothing, Tall

Evelynn - Human Fighter
Tomas - Human Thief (Took on the role of my grandfather)
Benton Reed III (of the Kellsburg Reeds) - Human Magic User
Remegorn - Dwarf
Orun - NPC Dwarf Henchman to Remegorn
Kolwood - NPC Man-at-Arms to Evelynn

There are many rumors going around the town of Sindanore. The five of us gathered together in response to a rumor about a missing artist by the name of Rumen Maer. It seemed the lord of Sindanore, Lord Ludo, himself was interested in this artist's retrieval. He reportedly went missing in the Obsidian Mounds, a burial place of sorts deep into the jungle. Other rumors of the mounds suggested we would have to brave obsidian constructs, a fleshy cube, and beast men. It turns out these are all very real worries when traveling to the Obsidian Mounds.

We had to tromp through the forest for many hours, and there were other things to catch our attention, but we held to our cours…

Thoughts on Quest for the Heartstone

First thought: Was this just written to sell D&D toys? *Spoilers Follow*
Mists of the Northern Marsh This section is the wilderness adventure to get you to the mountain. There is a road...which apparently houses all manner of creatures inimical How do all these creatures get set up right on the road? Why doesn't the road go around them? How come every time you see a bridge, you know trouble isn't far behind? You know what D&D needs? Roadwardens.
Perils of the Icewater Falls This section is a series of caves on a mountain, maybe like the Caves of Chaos in Keep on the Borderlands. Each cave holds a number of tough creatures the author wants to show off. In reality, these creatures would not live so close together. Some of the caves lead deeper into the adventure.....

Tunnels of Death Now this is more like it! Tunnels, traps, and few monsters each with their own areas that wouldn't interact much with the other monsters. Only a couple DM fiat/screw you, player…

Thoughts On The Veiled Society

The Festival of Lucor

What a railroad! It is a good set up. The characters get comfortable in town and unwittingly choose sides. So far, all I can think is making it a Warhammer adventure instead of D&D.
Beneath The Floors

Another strong-arm into adventure, leading to a short dungeon crawl. What they find in the crawl sets up the rest of the adventure.
The Investigation
Not much of an actual investigation, just the PCs forced to accompany the law to the scene of a crime. Then they can start looking for clues or going their own way if they want.

This covers most of the major actions the PCs could take during the day's riots. Will they become revolutionary leaders of the people or watch from the shadows?
The adventure is heavy-handed toward splitting the party and having them fight each other here. Most groups I've played with will have come up with alternate plans by now.
Further Investigation

Most groups I know will have considered the end of Employment to be adventu…

[D&D B/X] Kalmatta Campaign

My Character
Kiri - Human Female Cleric, Child, Immaculate Clothing, Tall

Swarmah - Human Fighter
Bergulf - Human Thief
El Juann - NPC Man at Arms (Swarmah)
Havae - NPC Man at Arms (Bergulf)
Soloff - NPC Torch bearer (Swarmah)

Newly arrived in town, the party of 3 went looking for hirelings. Swarmah and Bergulf were able to hire some brave men at arms and a torch bearer, but nobody was interested in hiring out to the female child cleric. Kiri pouted her way out of the inn and said she didn't want to hire anyone anyway.

After gathering rumors, the group decided to head north toward the hopes of buried pirate treasure. On the way, they decided to stop to explore a broken down tower just outside of town.

They traveled a path leading up to the tower, and found a broken cart with a body underneath. The body seemed to be made of wood and had it's chest cavity ripped open. Nearby were human remains. Kiri perfectly recited the burial prayer she had been taught by her church.

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